February, 2018
OurPurposeOurProcess -350_Feb2018

Morph Into A New You: Our Purpose & Our Process

Just over a year ago I began my podcast experience opening many doors for me and I have learned so much from my guests. Having been in hot pursuit of my own recovery for over thirty-three years, all of the work I’ve done has taught me that only one thing has actually changed and in almost every area of my life… my own thinking. When at first we named the...Read More
January, 2018

Being Bipolar

The Bipolar Stigma… The stigmas associated with being bipolar can be paralyzing. It seems society at large typically only knows about the bipolar people that do not take their medication. Some take medications, become somewhat balanced but then stop taking them. Many who stop taking their medications can become emotionally erratic and unstable. Unfortunately, this is what most seem to believe to be the norm for bipolar. This is not...Read More
January, 2018

My Bipolar Story

For as long as I can remember, I have had bouts of depression accompanied with suicidal tendencies. I always believed it to be only situational depression. I thought, “If you had my life you would be depressed too.” I have been diagnosed with most of the common mental illnesses; ADD, ADHD, PTSD – you name it! Not until after the age of 50 though did I really pay attention to...Read More
January, 2018
The Self-Medicated Addict-350x350_Jan2018

The Self Medicated Addict

“Hello I am Johnnie and I am an addict.” I have said those words so many times in the last thirty-four years that it has become difficult for me to introduce myself without the label. Today I do not like the “I am” of it all. I have an incredibly addictive personality but that is not all that I am. I have spoken at many twelve step meetings both as...Read More
January, 2018

Finding My Voice

Finding my voice has never been an issue for me. Finding something worth using my voice for has been the purpose for my life. I have always been a vocal person. Yes. I love to talk. I really love to talk about things that matter, the spiritual meaning to all of life, has always been a focus. I love to teach. Unfortunately, I spent a good portion of my life...Read More