I am often asked, “What is A Course in Miracles?” The simple answer; It is a set of three books, the Text, the Workbook for Students, and the Teachers Manual.

What I am about to say is only my opinion. The truth of ACIM is it can be very complex, a difficult read and incredibly challenging to your entire belief system as it is now.

The Text is just as the title suggests, it is to be studied, closely and with an open mind. If you do this what you will learn will definitely change your life.

The Workbook for Students, again just as it implies, it is a workbook and it is for those wanting to learn a better way.

The Teachers Manual, is to me, far easier of the three books to digest. It seems to be written in simpler terms. It is also a manual for those who have discovered there is a better way and want to learn to help others find that way for themselves.

ACIM teaches that we are all teachers in every moment of every day. The only question is; ‘What do we want to teach?’ War or peace? It helps us find our way to teaching peace.

I have studied ACIM for over thirty years. It is the foundation that I live my life by, the principals have never failed me. I am devoted to sharing the tools with others, hoping they will find the forgiveness and healing that I have found.

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