Johnnie hosts a few different shows on Mental Health News Radio Network with a focus on healing. He has learned a lot along his personal recovery journey and is passionate about sharing what his seeking has taught him. His core belief is that to heal and become a better version of ourselves we must change our self-talk or inner dialogue.  In these conversations, he gets vulnerable and explores practical approaches to doing just that.

Morph Into A New You

Weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) conversations with others about healing. Healing is an inside job. To heal and become a better version of ourselves we must change our self-talk or inner dialogue so we start to believe it. Click here to listen in as Johnnie explores the various aspects of healing with experts from around the world.

Says Who? For the Addictive Personality

Weekly conversations where Johnnie & Ora Nadrich explore how the powerful question of “Says Who?” can help the addictive personality.  They apply their experiences, learnings and wisdom in an attempt to help you answer your questions or explore your challenges in a more personal, meaningful way.  Click here to listen to their various conversations on topics such as Hope & Trust, Guilt & Shame, Taking Responsibility for Your Thoughts, etc.

Guest Appearances

Below are additional conversations Johnnie has participated in as a guest:

Johnnie joins round table discussions with Dr. Paul Meier and Mental Health News Radio’s very own Kristin Walker.

Johnnie Calloway’s first episode on Mental Health News Radio. Listen to the Show!

Thank you Sober Life Radio for having me as your featured guest! Take a listen to the interview here

A Course In Miracles – coming soon

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