March, 2021
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The Pursuit of Peace

Peace of mind is the ever-elusive piece that we all seek. Everyone at some point must ask the question; How is it possible to have peace in this war-riddled world? More often than not, we answer that question with; It simply is not possible.  There is a reason for this. We place contingencies on having peace of mind. We inwardly believe that we can only have peace once certain things...Read More
January, 2021
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Domestic Violence And The PTSD That Follows

As a child living in the constant fear of the top finally blowing off the pressure cooker and blowing up the entire house, it becomes tough to breathe. When reading the temperature of someone’s mood is an absolute necessity for survival, just being a child is out the window. When the sounds of flesh on flesh, the snap of a broken bone, the constant screaming, the arguing, the sound of...Read More
January, 2021
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Living with a Mental Health Issue

Living with a mental health issue can be difficult, to say the least. Add the oftentimes paralyzing fear of the stigmas attached to all of the diagnosis’ and the issues can destroy a life. When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I internalized that I was broken and could not be fixed. I had heard and even participated in some of the off-color stories told about those living with...Read More
December, 2020
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I have written several blogs submitted and posted in Thrive Global, and I am very grateful for that. I have spent a lifetime trying to find my voice and speak on what I was told as a child I should stay quiet about. As a child, I had no diagnosis, no label, and no understanding of what was going on. I knew nothing of PTSD, bipolar disorder, substance abuse disorder,...Read More
December, 2020
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One-hundred-thirty-two, is not a big number in some instances, like the number of steps it takes to get to the school bus, how many stairs it is up to the office, or the number of classmates in your school. But. 132 is a number we should not even be able to imagine when it comes to how many people in the United States alone die by suicide in one 24-hour...Read More
October, 2020
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The Old Sage and The Kid

I was in a noon Twelve-Step meeting, crying so hard I couldn’t talk when it came my turn to share. There was a pain in my stomach that felt like it was going to reach up to my throat and strangle me any minute.  I was going through my second divorce and my co-dependency had a death grip on me. The room was filled with older men, I was the...Read More
October, 2020
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Healing; It’s an Inside Job

My friend Sue had been to see this astrologist, which I thought was a total load of crap. She was totally enamored by the lady and the session she had with her. She couldn’t wait to tell me all that she had been told and how right on it was from the lady, (Mary) by just reading her chart. I was not impressed and I thought my friend had been...Read More
October, 2020
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Finding My Heart

A WORLD ALTERED BY PASSION  I had never been able to grow anything, even though my father was known for his green thumb. My Dad could take the scraggliest plant and transform it into a thriving green wonder. I had always been fascinated with his knack for it, but try as I might, it just never seemed to work for me.  At the age of thirty, I got my first...Read More
October, 2020
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My Life With Mental Health Issues

Breaking Through the Stigmas I was waiting my turn at the podium. I was actually sweating and nervous as could be.  I had spoken many times before and usually really enjoyed it. This time was different. I knew that I had to share some things I had never shared before.  It was a twelve-step meeting and many of the people in that room knew me. I think I can honestly...Read More
October, 2020
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Peace of Mind: Our One True Goal

“Peace of mind is the only thing that deserves your true vigilance.” I first heard these words over thirty years ago. I have believed ever since then that I originally read them in A Course in Miracles but I have not been able to find them there. Therefore, I do not know exactly where I first heard or read them. What I do know is, once I heard them, they...Read More