Hopefully, we have learned about how our feelings and emotions can be our most outstanding teachers and at least a little about why they frighten us so. 

A feeling is just a feeling, and they are not the terrible beast that we somehow fear will devour us when we look upon them. Hopefully, we have also discovered they are totally a result of our thinking and can therefore be mastered by changing our thoughts. 

So, what is it that we work so committedly to avoid? 

We have begun the journey of facing the dragon/fear we hide within. We must remember that it is; “Only in facing the dragon that we become the butterfly.” There is a beauty within every one of us that is unimaginable to us. When I say, every one of us, I mean all, even the vilest person you know, is still a child of God and has this beauty within them. 

As difficult as it may be to wrap our minds around the idea that we fear this beauty, we can begin the process of unveiling the spirit. 

As we develop, we make decisions about who and what we are. Those decisions form our identity. Often, we identify ourselves with a specific disorder, i.e., bipolar, an addict/alcoholic, compulsive gambler, or we may define ourselves by our vocation, a carpenter, an attorney, a doctor. Once we have decided upon what/who we are, we seek evidence to prove we are right. Unfortunately, each of these creates a certain degree of limitation. Until we accept our one true identity, we will be to some degree limited. 

Our psyches are committed to the idea of being right even if being right about what we think we are is killing us. If not physically, then at least spiritually. 

Another one of the many fears that form the fear of genuinely looking within; we fear the power that comes with accepting who we indeed are. We are deeply invested in the idea of victimhood. We use victimhood as a means to avoid personal responsibility. The avoidance then is based on our fear of not knowing who we would be without the limitations. This concept can be a real dilemma for most to accept. The ego will scream, “I pay my bills! I take care of myself! I do not blame others for the mistakes I make!” Even if all of this is true, there are certain things we each feel powerless over, and that arbitrarily happen to us. I call these events the random acts of madness that seem to come from something totally out of my control. 

Can we be open to the possibility that perhaps our thoughts do create our lives? Can we be available to the idea that maybe we are here to be students of life and love? What if we choose our lessons, all the trials, the challenges, and yes, the pain, to learn ultimately the truth of who we are?

Can we become, at least strive to become someone that seeks to find love in situations where the physical eye can see no love? Can we become committed to searching for the story behind the story that our physical vision reports to us? Can we be determined to be as understanding as we wish to be understood?

We fear looking at our emotions as the teachers they can be because we intuitively know, even if the knowledge is buried under the lies of the ego, that by investigating our minds, our entire identity, as we now know it, will shift. The fear of a total psychic shift is not fabricated; it is real; if we seek within for who/what we are, our fears will significantly diminish, and our identities as we know them will alter. This shift leads us to identify one of the most compelling fears; we fear a  life without fear. 

The screaming that often goes on within our minds is only a distraction to avoid the most profound sense of peace that is our essence. 

“The meaningless roar of the dragon that IS NOT YOU is only its attempt at hiding the inescapable beauty of the butterfly that IS YOU.”

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