Depression, like any other mental health issue, involves a degree of imbalanced brain chemistry. This only a doctor can help you with, no other patient knows what ‘cocktail’ of medications your brain chemistry needs.

There is a real dilemma with this though. Even though the brain needs medications to help it become balanced, medications alone are not the answer. At least they weren’t for me and are not for many others. It took a long while for me to find the right mix of medications. Once I did it took some time before the chemistry actually balanced out.

Healing From Depression

Recovering and healing from clinical depression in my opinion is a two-fold process. Yes, the chemical imbalance has to be handled but the medicine is not the end all and be all. The habitual, depressive thinking must be looked at. The medicine is not meant to be what can make us well and balanced it is only meant to balance our chemistry enough that we can do the work to be happy. We sometimes have a hidden, sub-conscious thought, ‘If my medications are right, I should be okay.’ Unfortunately, because we have not done the needed work to change our thoughts, even if we have found the right cocktail, we are not happy. Frustrated with the un-happiness, we stop taking the medications and move on to the next mix. A brutal cycle ensues. Even with the right medications, we must do the work to change our thinking to heal.

The Work

So, what is the work? Depression is driven by hopelessness and hopelessness is driven by negative thinking. Many will say, “But I have depression, I have no control over my thoughts.” This certainly seems to be the truth and the sense of powerlessness that comes with these thoughts only deepen the depression.

My personal experience, determination, commitment, hope, and faith is that we can/will recover from the depressive thinking that drives us to the abyss of depression.

At Morph, we understand the dilemma and we are here to help and we also align ourselves with other teachers and healers in the field to assist in true healing.

We are here for you, let us help.

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