Let me be clear that I am not a doctor or a clinician and that I do not have any degrees or viable credentials that may make me seem capable of giving advice on this topic. I have only my experience of living with a variety of mental health issues. I have been diagnosed, at one time or another with, PTSD, Clinical Depression, Manic Depressive/Bipolar, ADD, ADHD, along with severe anxiety attacks and panic attacks but still, I have found a way through the darkness. I am also a recovering drug addict and alcoholic.

Mental Health Coaching

My experience, along with my independent studies and deep inner work with some great healers of these issues, have given me tools to cope with each of these and live a fully functioning and expansive life.

The aim of this site is to bring together as much information as possible to help others acquire the appropriate tools that each individual on their own path can utilize to heal.

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