Using our thoughts and emotions to reveal our thoughts and, therefore, our innermost secrets, it becomes possible for us to move beyond all our self-imposed limitations. And all our limitations are self-imposed. 

We were created in the image and the likeness of God, which means we are spiritual beings with the same playful, creative energy that He has. We have chosen to misuse and abuse this power, even ignore and deny it. We can only reclaim our God-given power by using three spiritual principles, honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. I do not know which of the three is more necessary, and I believe either one of the three left out makes life like sitting on a three-legged stool and leaves us unbalanced. 

Using the three principles mentioned above while doing a thorough investigation of our feelings and emotions reveals our inner secrets, which bind us to the lies that we have accepted as our truth. Whether our particular story discloses itself with the tale as, you are not pretty enough, tall enough, fast enough, and on it goes, the story always leads us to believe, we are not enough. 

Once we become committed to the fact, WE ARE ENOUGH, just the way we are. Then we can start to dismantle the lies and reveal the truth. 

All our feelings, emotions, and beliefs are rooted in either Love or fear. Learning to see the difference between the two is vital to our spiritual growth. Learning to use our feelings and emotions as our internal teacher takes us to constant teachability. If and only if we are willing to utilize the three precious spiritual principles, honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. Just as helpful, though, to find someone we can share openly with and sort through the lies while revealing the truth. 

The part of the mind that supports all the lies, ‘the ego,’ is, as the book Alcoholics Anonymous states, “cunning, baffling, and powerful.” Facing it without the help of a trusted ally, we often replace one lie with a more subtle, less blatant lie. Vigilance, commitment, and determination can be as necessary as the principles of honesty, open-mindedness once we begin. 

The importance of a guide/companion is; connection, and the relationship brings us hope, especially if the fellow traveler has already traveled the path and acquired at least some degree of the intended goal of peace. Within our physical vision, we see that we can attain the goal, fosters trust, and is another vital part of the journey. 

Any upset, dis-ease or dis-harmony should become like unto an alarm ringing in our head that sounds off; ‘Something is awry with my thinking, let me seek now for peace.” An internal investigation or thought management process is a much-needed training required to become our own thought manager. 

Thought management is the ultimate goal of the emotional investigation, and the value of having a trusting soul in this process is immeasurable. In this process, we face all the fear we hold for all of our emotions/feelings. In many ways, we have killed ourselves to avoid our most feared adversary (at least it seems to be) our feelings. We take drugs, we drink alcohol, we gamble our lives away, and we sell our souls for the right companion, all to avoid looking within. All of this we do to escape the truth of who and what we are. We are Love, and Love is the image and likeness we were created as. 

Trust and faith have now become our great companions on the path to peace. 

Please, come to believe there is a power within you that can restore you to sanity and correct thinking. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, Step 2, “We came to believe a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

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