May, 2018
Personal Inventory: Step Four

Personal Inventory: Step Four

Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves- Step Four of the Twelve. If you dissect this step word for word it is quite amazing what it is saying. It is to seek without fear, within ourselves for our personal rights or wrongs. In essence, it is about taking ownership of our actions. It is about letting go of blame and excuses. I wish the word honest was in...Read More
April, 2018

Trust; Developing Trust

Developing Trust Most of us live our lives as though something external will bring us the safety and the peace that we seek. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are not enough cars, women/men, houses, or a good enough job to complete that task. Why? They are all temporary. We perceive things as our completion. We say to ourselves, “The right car, house, spouse or job will make...Read More
April, 2018

Turning It All Over

Trust Many of the people on this planet, not just addicts or alcoholics have a difficult time trusting, usually with good reason. We have spent a lifetime gathering evidence to prove that trusting will only lead to betrayal, abandonment, disappointment and hurt. We have had parents or siblings throw us under the bus, sometimes it seems without reason. We have had friends sleep with our partners, some rob us of...Read More
April, 2018
Believe-350x350_Mar 2018

March 2018 – Coming To Believe Summary

Watch and listen as I summarize our amazing guests, conversations, blogs, etc for the month of March – COMING TO BELIEVE.  
March, 2018

Survivor’s Guilt 2: Moving On

Why is it that we feel guilty when we allow ourselves to grow beyond our family, friends or anyone that we feel bonded to? Why do we feel it is the ultimate act of betrayal to move on? Why do we use guilt to keep us imprisoned in the past? In my family, we lived through a war together and we survived. Really? Can you call what we did real...Read More
March, 2018

Survivor’s Guilt: Breaking the Chain

The pain of an abusive childhood can seem impossible to break away from and the guilt can be like a chain that keeps you tied to the pain. Think of this; you were a child, you were abused and… you feel guilty. How, can that be so? You are angry because you feel victimized and powerless. Confused, because you do not know what you did to deserve/cause the abuse. Yet,...Read More
March, 2018
Healing history_350x350

Healing History Your Story

After Coming to Believe, no matter how minimally, we sometimes without realizing it, begin to look for reasons that hope can be real. Most importantly we look for ways to trust that hope is real. Our history is totally based on our perception of our story. Connecting with hope in the second step and starting to trust in the third step which, to make a decision to turn our will...Read More
March, 2018
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By the time most of us get to the place in our lives where we seek help in the Twelve Steps we feel beaten, defeated, and lost. Believing in ourselves seems almost impossible. By that time believing in anything becomes extremely difficult. Usually, we have chased after every external energy we could find to try to make our insides feel alive again. The pain and desperation of just trying to...Read More
March, 2018

The Morph Process: Step Two

“We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” When I first got involved with the rooms of the Twelve Steps, I was told pretty early on, “Go through these steps word for word with a dictionary and do not assume you know what the step as a whole is trying to say until you do so.” I first checked out in the dictionary...Read More
March, 2018
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The Twelve Steps

Powerlessness to Empowered I have been in twelve step recovery for over thirty-three years. I have dissected them, turned them upside down and sideways to get everything that I possibly can out of them. In the beginning, the first step was all that mattered. I was powerless and to me, that was all there was to it. I dug into the spiritual aspect of those same twelve steps. What I...Read More