Developing Trust

Most of us live our lives as though something external will bring us the safety and the peace that we seek. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are not enough cars, women/men, houses, or a good enough job to complete that task. Why? They are all temporary.

We perceive things as our completion. We say to ourselves, “The right car, house, spouse or job will make me happy.” The car is wrecked, the house is foreclosed on, the spouse leaves or passes and the job is given to someone else. Where then do we find peace and a sense of safety? Trust; Developing Trust

We place incredible value on the external. Why wouldn’t we? We can see it. Think of the things you have lost in this world. The things that you spent an incredible amount of energy protecting because you believed you needed them to be complete, safe or to have peace.

How do we feel when these things are gone and it seems as if they were taken? Where is our peace then? Do we not feel abandoned, alone and unsafe? Do we fear that we will never know peace again? Do we not go through all the phases of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance?

Perhaps in the losing of these external things we are merely learning their lack of value. Trust me that I am not saying that the loved ones we lose are not valuable. I am only saying that as long our peace of mind and happiness are contingent on something/anything outside of us, our peace will always be at risk. Nor am I saying that loss will not still be painful. I am saying that if we are content with ourselves the pain will not cripple us. If our peace of mind comes from within, we will know we are safe during difficult times and our foundation will remain solid.

Who would make this shift without a need to do so? Often this shift is preceded with what some would call hitting a bottom.

When all the things that we thought made us whole are gone and we are left seemingly with nothing else, only then will we look within.

The Gift

Pain, loss, suffering, and desperation drive us to seek. Searching for answers to some of life’s most challenging mysteries. If we are vigilant in our searching we find both our inner Source and our connection to Self. I purposely use uppercase letters on the Source and Self. In A Course in Miracles, the uppercase S in Source is used to identify the God of your choosing and it is used in Self to identify our connection to all of mankind. The pain of loss, the gift of desperation will lead us to find the trust we all seek, and it comes from within. It is not about trusting people, not to say we can’t but it is about learning to trust ourSelf and our Source. As a result of our seeking, we have the opportunity to discover the value of relationship and the lack of value in things. The material things that we have put our faith in will never provide true safety.

Connection to Self and Source is the only place we will be able to truly trust.

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