April, 2018

Trust; Developing Trust

Developing Trust Most of us live our lives as though something external will bring us the safety and the peace that we seek. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are not enough cars, women/men, houses, or a good enough job to complete that task. Why? They are all temporary. We perceive things as our completion. We say to ourselves, “The right car, house, spouse or job will make...Read More
April, 2018

Turning It All Over

Trust Many of the people on this planet, not just addicts or alcoholics have a difficult time trusting, usually with good reason. We have spent a lifetime gathering evidence to prove that trusting will only lead to betrayal, abandonment, disappointment and hurt. We have had parents or siblings throw us under the bus, sometimes it seems without reason. We have had friends sleep with our partners, some rob us of...Read More