Just over a year ago I began my podcast experience opening many doors for me and I have learned so much from my guests. Having been in hot pursuit of my own recovery for over thirty-three years, all of the work I’ve done has taught me that only one thing has actually changed and in almost every area of my life… my own thinking.

When at first we named the podcast ‘Morph into a New You’ its tagline was ‘If you want to change your life you must change your mind about your life.’ The show now is called ‘Morph into a New You: Changing Thoughts, Changes Lives.’

Morph Into A New You: Our Purpose & Our Process

Our Purpose

We are here to help others learn how to become aware of their innermost thoughts, the ones that keep us acting out patterns that do not serve us. The ones that trip us up and keep us from attaining our personal goals and living in our passions. We at team Morph are here to serve others in the pursuit of healing by changing…specifically changing thoughts.

Our Process

We are putting together a process of how to become aware and to change our thoughts. We believe that (a thought = a feeling = a belief/attitude = a behavior = a life). This translates into change a thought and you’ve changed a life. Hopefully, your own life changes for the better.

It seems simple. It is! Simple does not mean easy though. Changing the way, you have thought for your entire life is a daunting task, to say the least. It takes discipline and practice and has to become a way of life if you truly want to reap the rewards.

It takes honesty, willingness, as well as open-mindedness. The degree to which you are willing to apply these three spiritual principals will be the major determinate as to how much progress you will make in this process and in your life and how quickly.

If you are unwilling, to be honest, and in investigating what your truest inner motivations are then you may still progress but will fall short of the inner peace that this process can bring. Also, if you are not willing to be wrong about some of the beliefs that have run your life seemingly forever, that in many cases you no longer believe anyway, change will become even more difficult.

Come to join us & let us help you as you help us help others!

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