April, 2020
Patience (4)

My Gift: Free signed copies of my book

12 years ago as some of you know I had some kind of breakdown the Dr.s involved at the time never gave it a name. The long of the short of it was I was totally consumed with the idea of taking my own life, for almost 2 years. There were a couple of things that got me through but they all were about connection to people, and living things....Read More
January, 2017

ABC 7 News Interview

INTERVIEW WITH ABC-7 NEWS My interview with ABC-7 was a success. Thank you to all whom watched it, and if you missed it click here to watch. Bipolar and depression effect thousands of people across the country. Most signs go unnoticed by family members and friends making it hard to tell if your loved one is suffering from either of these life altering diseases. To gain a little more insight...Read More
September, 2016

What’s Your Favorite Book?

What’s your favorite type of book to read? In writing a genre is a label that characterizes elements a reader can expect in a work of literature. The major forms of literature can be written in various genres. Genre is a category characterized by similarities in style or subject matter. However, with there being so many different stories and topics to choose from how do you decide. Maybe this month...Read More
August, 2016

What Reading Can Do For The Soul

Dragons to Butterflies What reading can do for the soul We all know reading can provide more than just information and entertainment. It does something for our soul we can’t quite explain. Reading has been proven to help relieve stress and escape the pressures of everyday life. It may bring you to a place that you’ve never seen, or introduce you to a character that you relate with. We all...Read More