Upcoming Events – May 2017

Upcoming Events – May 2017

Something NEW is coming! From the author that brought you “Dragons to Butterflies” brings you more healing of the soul. “The Bridge“.  Watch our announcement video on YouTube

“The Bridge” by Johnnie Calloway


Are you planning a life changing event or conference? I have experienced more hardship in life than many. Enduring addiction and depression. I have put my true story in writing “Dragons to Butterflies”. I would love to be a speaker at your next event to put hope back into the lives of others. Click here for BOOKINGS

April 8th 2017 on Sober Life Radio

May 8th 2017 at 4:00pm on Mental Health News Radio 

Shop for your copy of Dragons to Butterflies at Amazon or directly from the website dragonstobutterflies.com you can also click here to make a donation to assist me in spreading my message.