12 years ago as some of you know I had some kind of breakdown the Dr.s involved at the time never gave it a name. The long of the short of it was I was totally consumed with the idea of taking my own life, for almost 2 years. There were a couple of things that got me through but they all were about connection to people, and living things. My butterflies were a huge part.

As you know, now connection to anything is incredibly difficult. The suicide rate, the relapses, the overdoses, the domestic violence has all skyrocketed. It breaks my heart and I ask God every night “What can I do?” I do not know if I would have been able to get through that period in my life without connection.

What I have decided to do is this. My book Dragons to Butterflies is now available to anyone who wants one for FREE, you don’t even have to pay for the shipping and handling. That may sound expensive, but people that care are footing the bill. Certain angels are buying the books for you. They will buy them from me at my cost and they are contributing the shipping fee as well. My donation is I am waving my royalties.

My survival of the nightmare I lived through was a gift. I have learned that gifts are to be shared, if they are to be kept.

PLEASE email me at [email protected]

  • If you want a book, put into the subject line[highlight background=”” color=””]I WANT A BOOK[/highlight]. Below that enter your name and address and a book will be sent ASAP. The more books I order at once the better the price is on this end and the more books can be given away.

  • If you want to contribute by buying books for others to read put,  [highlight background=”” color=””]I WANT TO HELP[/highlight] in the subject line and how I can contact you below. I will reach out and we will figure out how to get the payment to me for the books.

My goal is for the first order to be 100 books. That would make them be $11.92 each and that also covers the S&H.

I will sign EVERY copy that goes out and in the top right corner of the signature page I will put the first name and the last initial of the person that sponsored that book.

I have 45 ordered now. Please, help me help others. The message within my book is a message of hope and it is a testimony to the power of never giving up.

My greatest hope is that my story, my book and the angels supporting this project will become a flashlight to help us all through this, our darkest hour.

Thank you,


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