Why do I write? All of my life, even while I was an active drug addict and alcoholic, people told me, “Man, you should write a book. Your story will help people.”

I always felt that my story could and would help others, if I could just get my own life in order.

Once, I began my own healing process and I started to see the magnitude of the trauma I had endured as a child and that I was a ‘survivor,’ I began to believe that maybe my story could indeed help others.

In 1984, I decided to finally turn my life around. In 1990, I wrote my first book, “Taming the Dragon” and I started to see how what I had learned could help others recover from traumatized childhoods. In 2015, I wrote my life’s story, “Dragons to Butterflies” and I have been blown away by the people that have shared with me how it has helped them find hope in the darkness. Now I have written, “The Bridge” a fiction about life and the healing of the heart.

I began this with, ‘Why I write?’ My answer… I write because I believe all pain has a purpose if we choose to use it for good. I write because I believe that the pain in my life has been lived so that I may help others.

I believe that if you read my books you may find some answers to help you get through the darkness.

(I believe that my writings connect with the spirit in each of us, that we may find darkness and struggle something to surpass, and that we can achieve levels of insight and personal growth beyond what we may have ever imagined. I also believe in honoring our connection we all share with one another and that together as well as individually we may find inner strength where we can admire our efforts and successes all the more.

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    “I was angry with everyone that said they loved me, or anyone who said they were my friend. I did not trust anyone! The more someone said they cared, the closer they were watched. My revenge was theft. Once someone told me they were my friend or that they cared for me, soon thereafter they lost something that meant something to them. Usually, it was something they really cared about. My dad had always said, ‘Do unto others before they do unto you, and they will always do unto you.’ What he didn’t say was, ‘And I’m the one who will do unto you the most.'” Click here to view First Chapter
  • The Bridge

    “The Bridge; Where Souls Connect” - Coming Soon! A fictitious story about the real life, every day pain of addiction and the bonds created as a result of the connection of spirit for those trying to stop. It has a blend of every day life and a flavor of mysticism. It will have you cheering for the underdog and empathizing with their pain. It is a display of the endurance of the human spirit and the power of connection. By the time you reach the end you will be hungry for more… which will be provided in parts two and three of this inspiring trilogy.
  • This adult coloring book with a message will entertain and inspire you.  Color away while reading inspirational messages to soothe your soul.


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