I cannot recommend more heartily this book

I cannot recommend more heartily this book

Dragons to Butterflies: The Metamorphosis of a Man

Johnnie Calloway has penned an epic and archetypal journey of healing.  The harrowing juggernaut of his early life in rural Kentucky to adult life in Florida is Homerian in its scope.  Trauma, addiction, failed relationships and soul-crushing pain are all tempered with the author’s humility, wry wit and love of humankind.  While the subject matter is, at times, intense it never overwhelms or becomes maudlin.  Instead, we—the readers—find ourselves immersed in his struggles, experiencing some of the heartbreak and harvesting a little of the resilience and joy this book delivers.  By the end, Johnnie has gifted us with the belief that we can each find healing and peace in our own lives and THAT is the miracle of this book.  I cannot recommend more heartily this book to anyone who has begun or is on their own journey of healing.

J. Eric Gentry, PhD

Vice President

Arizona Trauma Institute