Says Who?

  • Does your mind tell you things that feed your addiction?
  • Have you tried to overcome a given addiction and struggled?
  • How do your thoughts keep you stuck in your addiction?
  • How do your thoughts support your addiction versus support your recovery?

Through Johnnie’s Morph Into A New You show on Mental Health News Radio Network, Johnnie & Author Ora Nadrich plan to conduct weekly conversations where they explore how the powerful question of “Says Who?” can help the addictive personality.  They will apply their experiences, learnings and wisdom in an attempt to help you answer your questions or explore your challenges in a more personal, meaningful way.


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Topic Date
 The Facts…Are They Real? October 20, 2017
 Facing Fear With Courage October 13, 2017
 Isolation, Separation & Connectivity October 6, 2017
 Hope & Trust September 29, 2017
 Taking Responsibility For Your Thoughts September 22, 2017
Irritable, Restless & Discontent September 15, 2017
Simple Wisdom: Peeling Away The Layers September 8, 2017
Guilt & Shame September 1, 2017
Says Who For The Addictive Personality: An Introduction August 25, 2017


Thanks to Mental Health News Radio Network for making all this possible!