Johnnie’s Poems 

For a One Year Anniversary

A year has passed
without the use
The pain’s in the past
that came from abuse
A new life has started
The old one is gone
The old friend’s have parted
The new ones are lifelong
The old god”s been broken
and since thrown away
The new God is strong
And He’s here to stay
You talk to me now
And I’m not so hateful
I don’t even know how
But today I am grateful

I am Free

I once was locked
Or chained to a chair
But it didn’t matter
Because I didn’t care
I thought I was blind
And never would see
But I made a find
That has since set me free
Some say it’s God
Some say NA
All I can say

The Cost
I hit the road when I was only fifteen
Now I feel old
It’s been rough what I’ve seen
I threw it away
The good life I had
I can’t do it over
I can’t change the past
I’ve been to the border
But my stay doesn’t last
I dream of the good times
The time before the pain
If I ever do make it
If I find my way back
Maybe then I will know
If I ever was lost
And just what the party
In my life has cost


Desperate and broken
We looked for an answer
Afraid to hope
We prayed for an end
In a last ditch effort
Into a room we walked in
Then laughter and joy
Filled the space we were in
Now connected and hopeful
The new journey began
And one day at a time
We walk hand in hand
And the broken and lonely
And the once fallen now stand

The Addict
Anger, fear and guilt
They each paved our way
And with shame
There was a wall built
That hid the light of day
The agony of loneliness
Then ruled our every day
We felt unloved and unloving
And we bowed our heads in shame
We screamed into the emptiness
And it seemed that no one came
Beaten into submission
We surrendered to the game